Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cheesecake Trio

I said I was looking for happy and happy was home. Much better is the surprise Movie Night we are doing on Saturday, Esther Williams in Neptune's Daughter. We have even ordered flowered swim caps. Needed a giggle. I see this trio just warming up for a synchronized swim, or a bit of a workout at their water gym. Can you see the swim caps and eagerness? In any case, it brings out my smile. Now we are thinking of shrimp cocktails and tv dinners, so fifties don't you think, to have for our Movie Night food. So Saturday night, wherever you are, tarts or tartless, or just stepping out. Pause just a second for a giggle or two, we'll be in the dark with flowered caps on our heads watching dear Esther go through her strokes. Watching a colorful calvacade, an aqua ballet or two. Who knows we might even have to dance along....see giggles enough for all. Yep, just for today, a little bit of happy was home. A memory will be built or two. A little pause for silliness to shake away the cares. I think the tarts have a sense of that. They seem like an aqua trio. A bit of a smile and a splash. So whatever your plans, this Saturday night I'm with Esther in the pool. Ah the mind of an artist has many a muse, but that's the clue to it all. Keeping it tickled with delight. Letting brush free to swim along side.

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Ms. Tardy said...

Aqua trio..
Swimming in Rio.
Strokes of cream cheese,
Bring you to your knees.
This trio
Aim to please,
And they do it with brio!