Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Juicy Fruit

When is enough, not enough? I looked at this tart, one I had painted before. And marveled. He always put just a little something a wee bit different onto the top. A surprise to discover, to tickle us more. But this time, it wasn't enough, he just didn't stop.Let's move through the levels. There's freshness, fullness and shapes. Strawberry slices, a fig,tiny little grapes. A full wedge of kiwi, a blackberry or two. And yet, he is not stopping there. He has a mounded rich custard on just the right cake. But is that enough? No. He takes it to a whole 'nother level, up a step or two. Drizzles a sweet glaze, encasing the lot. Pauses to judge. Probably stands back and gives it a nod. Oui, CA, c'est suffit. There now, that, THAT will do. It goes in the sleeve all ruffled and bright. And tempts me too much. What can I say? Well I brought it home and now you, you get to see. Sometimes enough just needs a little bit more. More sweetness, more care. How did chef know that? That just comes with, when he puts on his toque. A good chef knows what he's about. I 'm just the painter saying come, come look at this. Aren't we glad that he did it? Aren't we glad there is cake? Maybe it's a small thing, but maybe he's wise. Sharing his richness, sharing his gift...I think it comes back to him, multiplied.

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