Tuesday, May 27, 2008

30 Minute Challenge

Have you set yourself a mission?

Maybe you have several. I do.

How's it going for you?

It's a good thing this weekend was a holiday. I was practically all done in. Ever had that happen? You're going along like an Energizer Bunny, then poof, you're drained. I didn't know I was pushing too hard. Oh, well, the signs were showing up. I just tried to ignore them. On a mission, had to get things done. Then Dave. That Dave issued a weekend 30 minute challenge. Hm. Easy enough. I chose spa. Simple enough to slow down twice for 30 minutes and treat my face to a luxury wash and masque. Do a simple peel. Some slathering of lotion. You know, more than the usual wash and go.
Well, once I stopped. Slowed down. Took a moment to luxuriate...I was done in. It felt so good. I napped. I know. Horror!! In the middle of the day. And that felt so good, I slathered more lotion and poured a glass of wine. Double horror!! I was alone. In the middle of the day. Napping, slathering and drinking....I checked on brush...yep, snoozing like a lumberjack.
Missions are good things. Targets yes, need those. But along the way, you have to have some of that treat yourself well time too. So what else did we do? Why we went to see Indiana Jones...Dave's not the only guy who can kick some metaphorical butt. Now just one more nap...and we'll be kicking some color butt tomorrow.


ParisBreakfasts said...

WOOEE Me too. I went to Philadelphia to see the relativos and ended up staying longer than planned and being exposed to greenery and barns and fresh air - all a shock to the system.
Not used to down time at all.
Writing from a cyber caf - must go run catch the bus and get back on track! Eeek
relaxing...is it really good for you?

ellen wilson said...

@parisbreakfasts - Only if you feel it...works the right way, I guess?
@Janice - I like the latest fanned out leaf painting.

Napping slathering and drinking is very good. I think it increases your productivity in the long run.