Monday, May 12, 2008

Going Analog

That's what I told Brett this weekend. "I'm going deeply analog on Saturday."

Compass setting.

Making maps.

Plotting out the plan. All with pen or pencil. Not a pixel in sight.

Here's a huge part of what I do. The notebooks. I am practically famous for them. I have had people actually steal them, ask to "borrow" them or just ask for a how to. People are either notebook worthy or they aren't. So a real look is rare. I thought maybe, just maybe, Organizing Monday would be a good place to let a little of the notebook magic out. So here's a very bare bones look at the beginnings of it. Not very fancy, but oh so essential. I call it my analog assistant. As an artist, we have lots of hats to wear and a constant feeling of juggling. In the studio we feel we should be doing something else. Do something else and we feel we should be in the studio. Sound familiar? I needed staff. Enter the notebooks. And a pencil and a pen. MIT's for today? Yes, in the notebook. Got your three MIT's? (Most important tasks) First rule on it all is collection. Gathering all your stuff in one place. Have little notes stuck all around? Put 'em in a notebook. One main notebook. There that's a start.


Merisi said...

Thank heaven for little girls and boys and artists and notebooks! :-)
I saw a beautiful old notebook the other day at the Natural History Museums, I shall try to blog about it, it was so perfect, and I liked the handwriting and drawing. I am always trying to get a glimpse into other people's notebooks. Sometimes I can see a little bit of the innermost soul of the keeper. At least that's what I imagine to see.
Thank you for sharing! :-)

ParisBreakfasts said...

Wa happened to the chocolates?

Janice C. Cartier said...

Thank you so much Merisi. I look forward to that post. I have handled ( with white gloves on ) many historic notebooks. I even got to hold one of John Marin's that had not even been logged into to the public collections yet...there is nothing like it. Instant goose bumps holding a Cezanne sketch, or tracing with that gloved finger the scrawl of Degas or Sargeant...chills thinking about it. :)

PB- They are in my belly! Yummiliscious!! :)

ParisBreakfasts said...

No painting of those yummy chocks of yore?

Janice C. Cartier said...

Oh yes, yummy chocks of yore will still be sprinkled in. Actually soon.

Brett Legree said...


This is awesome, I am so into notebooks myself that I often forget about the digital world out there.

I was so analog this week that I didn't even notice you'd linked to me until today (apologies!)

Nothing - nothing! - can replace pen and paper for me. I have a nice little laptop, but the pen and the paper...

My tree in the back garden. And perhaps a nice glass of red :)

Thanks for sharing - Brett

Janice C. Cartier said...

My pleasure, Brett.
Hey, pass that glass of red!:)