Friday, May 30, 2008

Uh Oh, It's Getting A Little Whacky

We-oo. Brush had Stafani movement in him yesterday. Some of those stripes rubbed off on me.

But let's blame it on Jeff too. This came by email.

I had to have movement in that cascade.

I had to set up some color and texture.

Even though this will all be going neutral.

Huh? Neutral? But you're setting up vivid color. And what did your friend Jeff ever do to you? Organized chaos. Cacophanies of color. Where we come from color is alive and parading down the street at any given hour. Is it black and white? No. It's cafe au lait, sienna, vermillion, azure, and K and B purple. We play with color like we molded little minds, with vigor, intensity and a sense of humor. Ho hum will not do. So good luck to my friend Jeff Jennings on the opening of his new show in Houston, June 9. If you are near there, go by, it will be worth it. And for me and Brush, well we're going back to play some more. I feel the need for some golden ochre, some raw sienna moss, some greys and a kiss of cerulean blues.

My Muse today? This one is for you Jeff. You're an All Star. ( Even if they wouldn't let me embed the thing...:)

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