Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Organising Chaos

Broad strokes. First point, then line, now plane.

Don't get too small too soon.

We're mapping out values, and color chords.

Impact. Lights and darks.

It's early draping of the understructure. I am keeping glazes light. Cutting in the dark recesses. And making mid-tone mass. It's too early for detail. But the attitude, the spirit of the piece must be put in place. Some planes will pull you in. Some will let you go. Where some meet, yes, those will be pulse points. These planes will move you from spot to spot. Guide you through the piece. It's early. Just the first fitting of a gown. This is a busy piece. There will be detail. But first we must organize the whole. Get rid of white space. Set up the keys to play. Remember there will be music. Rhythms and a dance. Those must be given structure first. Then we can improvise. Play along the way.


Kelly said...


I love where this painting is going! Very fine underpinnings. It is going to be gorgeous when it's done.

The comparison with the sketch is neat. Looking forward to the evolution.



ParisBreakfasts said...

Do you do house calls?
I need an indepth crit like this.
Find my underpinnings, lay in the value grid, keep the white space and still organize the whole.
Guide me through the place.
Play Time!

Janice C. Cartier said...

@Kelly- Thank you.It has a good feel to it. It's so tempting to get too close and too tight way too soon. I am loving playing with the glazes. Some serious up close time upcoming for me.
@PB- Yes, online critique package available. :)