Monday, May 5, 2008

72 Million and a Ball of Twine

That's how it started. If you stay up on Contemporary Art markets, you know that Qatar is on the hunt to furnish their new Contemporary Art Museum. They are armed with cash. Lots of it. They are getting Rockefeller Rothkos (72 million dollars US ) and people like Peter Brant are taking a few goodies out of their extensive collections and cashing them in. Peter wants to buy a paper mill. So he's selling his Ball of Twine, a Lichenstein. Estimates are at 14-18 million for it. See this photo? This is my ball of twine. And you will note, no where near it is 14, 18 or I would totally faint, 72 million smackeroos

Deliverables.( Self Made Chick) That was the second unhinging word, or was it core message? (Garr Reynolds) Bodice ripping copy ( thanks Sonia), an exercise in gripping copy; "Pain body", a useful new concept handle from Eckhardt Tolle; And writing as it should be ( thanks Ace)...all contributors to my unease... you could call it growth...I am calling it a pain in the brain today. Yep. It's organizing Monday and it is a rowdy unruly crowd.

This Zen Garden is calm. Contemplative. Easy. I must get back to it. If you look at the notes in the first photo, my stepping stones are fighting me hard. Jumping up and down, "Me first, No me first, no me first"....which is why I pulled out my ipod, to quiet them down. It's a messy Monday and my reach exceeds my grasp. Hmm, is there a business pain body as well as a personal one? Will the right brain and left brain ever reconcile? Will I get out of my robe and smack them around? Hm, Idea Sandbox helped me with the list. But I think it was rigged...and 14 million for a Ball of Twine? I wonder how the folks in Qatar feel about Zen gardens? Get Sothebys on the phone. Yep, it's Monday alright. Repeating now the mantra of MITs....( most important tasks...ommm) Don't make me come over there...grrr...they're at it again. Gotta go.


ParisBreakfasts said...

Love the first still life - so paintable with your "ball of twine"
The rock drawing looks good
Just plunge in she said, who 2 weeks ago was irrevicably stuck in the mud :)

Janice C. Cartier said...

You have lept out of that mud and into cherry blossoms today!! Beautiful post. JC

Harmony said...

Monday's jumping stones and pain-body's delberate sabbotage are nothing but a memory for Tuesday. The early am silence is teeming with potential!
Let there be light!