Thursday, May 29, 2008

4 Triangles and 1 Arrow

Focus on the right side of the painting.

There's a rise, a spacious cascade and a parade of little triangles.

Here's the first of the four shapes that will pull us back in after taking that trip to the top.

Here's the next one that starts that sweep right to left.

And here we have the central duo that catch the sweep and start the ascent again.

I've been holding back. I love this expanse, the falling cascade of thinly fleshed pure glaze. It's mostly a mossy veil and underbrush perceived at a distance. But these palmetto shapes act like hands. They point us in directions as easily read as an airline stewardess's fingers pointing us to the exits fore and aft. You can see in the last set, I've started adding detail. So watch these spots for line and color that whispers, soothes, beckons. 1 arrow of warm rising, a cascade of gentleness down, and 4 simple triangles. Those are my pals today.

Hm. Now for a muse...ahh, here..diagonal stripes and a sweet escape...Look at all the geometry.

We-oo. Off to my sweet escape. Come on brush. We-oo


ParisBreakfasts said...

Oh how I would like to triangulate like Christina...
Second best I'll try some of your angles and triangles :)
Good Job !

Janice C. Cartier said...

Merci PB- in studio mode so just up for brief air...I liked those stripes and couldn't help see glaring movement with geometry in the video as well..besides, I like this song. :) A lot. Hmm. May have to watch it again....before I go back in the cave.