Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anatomy Lesson

"Naked again?" Yes. It happens a lot in art. Ahem. I am talking about bare bones. Oops. Did that come out right? Yes. Every piece of fine art has a bare beginning, a structure to hang "clothes" on. You saw the nudes last week. You've seen many of the cakes. They all begin this way.
These particular bones belong to a new painting just begun. An interior designer who loves my work saw this one of my "Dragon Palms" and asked me to do her one, only much, much bigger. It needs to be contemplative, but energizing. It's going in a prominent place, but we don't want it to overtake its audience, just draw them in to reflect.

So it is a seduction piece. Yes. And all that that implies. Mystery, possibility, allure as smooth as velvet. Some surprise. Some things unexpected. Tension. A sparkle here and there. And since we are in it for the longterm something that keeps them coming back. All this must go into the beginning, before the clothes go on. So yes, we are naked again. Plotting out the fun.

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