Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Rule- Don't Panic

I panicked. But the actual first rule is show up. I showed up. And panicked. Don't panic is written on the GUIDE. You know the guide don't you? "Don't panic and carry a big towel?" I figure the towel is for mopping up big messes. Or napping after. Or wiping off all that chaos that threatens to make my painting life just one little light traipse through Hades. (or for cleaning all those plucked chickens.)

Here's the noodle of twine from yesterday. Yeah, not very bad. Cause I didn't photograph the real mess off camera. Because the real mess is sometimes in my bicameral brain. Here's part of my method: I gather lots of info, source material, do research on anything really important to me, keep an admin notebook and checklist, all for my left brain. It needs this. My right brain is light years ahead. Straining at the leash saying come on come on...just do it...you don't need those words...pick up the brush and let me out. We'll get there. Right brain does not always know when to come in though...rarely hears my whistle . Forgets to eat....sounding familiar? So left brain tries to take care of right brain. Right brain has been winning lately though.

This is left brain asserting itself. Tidying up loose ends. Making sure the compass is set in the right direction. Making the map. Checking on the practical stuff...like clients, invoicing, shipping, and getting new work, being able to speak intelligently to the tech guys, looking up White Wolf's World of Darkness. ( more on that later)

This is left and right brain having a conversation. Picking the source material for a big new commission. ( more on this upcoming on the clients with no imagination)

This is left brain saying to right. See you get to go big. They want one like this only four times bigger. Right brain is by the door panting, leash between teeth. Come on come on. Left brain is checking...panic is subsiding..loose ends? almost done...okay just a minute... I'm coming...augh...where's that towel?


Solitaire said...

OMG this really made me smile. This sounds like every morning for me! (And btw WHAT is in that cup of...coffee? Please tell me it's just the photo b/c that looks like curdled cream in there grrl)

I was on ABC yday (I put it under Press and Podcasts on BeABondGirl.com) and yes, I will be going to Hell presently, but I left my Husband's "creative" desk alone even though he might have imagined that I was going to clean it up before they came to film. And then we talked about it. Oh camera. OMG.

He came home and asked how the shoot went and I said "Great" and then made dinner. He didn't ask to see. So far, I still have a place to live.

You are braver than me, grrl, showing it's All In All Of Us!!!!


Janice C. Cartier said...

Soiltaire- tea woman, it's a tea bag in the tea. :)
So glad it isn't just me!!! I mean I am all fabulous with a brush and everything but...the film crew would have to edit, edit, edit.....like beauty just happens!
Don't we just love the concept...BE A BOND GIRL..and you guys, you know you want us to....cue music...Albert Broccoli where are you?

ParisBreakfasts said...

I wanna see what's in that FAT black notebook with all the bits hanging out!
Do we get to see and open page PULEEEZE?
The right/left brain at work....

Anonymous said...

Hmm... struck a chord... this came in:

As always , enjoy your mondays.. i love the concept of setting that day
aside to plan.

I am such a non planner.
so i tried that sandbox thingy. . OMG
how cool is that.
it got it right and i am off . happy to not be spinning. !!
getting ready for open studio tour.
aka .. too many things to do.. need to prioritize!
super cool .
and thank you .
i'm going to spread this one around!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Pb- hm...maybe on upcoming post...the clients with no imagination... :)

DB- good luck with the tour!!! hm... I may have to pull the notebooks out again...reveal a few proven tricks :)

Harmony said...

I gotta say, your mind was really ticking for this one. The right and the left need a peace treaty every now and then. :-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi Harmony- thanks. I thought at one point I would go into diplomacy as a career...hm, maybe I have...just an internal one.. :)

ParisBreakfasts said...

What is THAT BOOK?
the guide.."Right Action?
On what page?
bla bla bla
? ? ?

Janice C. Cartier said...

PB- The book in the photo is Eckhardt Tolle's, A New Earth.
The Guide, though, is a reference to Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe. Inscribed on the guide is : Don't panic and carry a large towel.