Thursday, May 8, 2008

Naked In Public?

Yep. That's what they said. Personal...yet not too much. Then someone said the naked lady was too much. Huh??? So of course in my own special rebellious yet enlightened way...said that's what I post today. Naked ladies. Well, we call them nudes. Figure studies. The human form is a lovely thing. There's a difference in being a stripper and being an artist's model. In my field, this is how we learn to articulate. Not words. Visual essences.
I said to Kelly yesterday, "Show me a line and I'll tell you the truth of that moment." We were talking about the value of being fluent with a pencil, a skill set we both own. Kelly's work is multifaceted, but the fluency is there in the bones, even when the pencil mark is not going to show. The doggone good at it shows through in every other thing. You can tell the truth of my moment in this drawing. So strip down in your field. Get basic. What's the number one most important part of it? Get naked with what you do, regularly, and do it even better. And people, smart people, get that sometimes showing a little skin is exactly what we need.


Kelly said...


I have hundreds of nudes sitting in my portfolios. At least hundreds. They taught me a lot about line and form, and I totally agree that the moment shows in your line quality, whether it's a nude or a still life or a wheat field. (or a sculpture, or an installation...)

That's what fine art is all about, isn't it? Letting your subconscious rise out onto to the paper. If I don't feel something from looking at someone's art, preferably something pretty close to what they felt while making it, then I don't think they've achieved ART.

(Psst... when I was a young thang in college, I was the nude in everyone else's portfolio. It paid well.)

Though I've moved on from my Fine Arts degree to applied art now, I still do the same kind of reach-inside to start a project, I still look for the inner truths as I'm coming up with ideas, and I still think evoking mood is mission-critical. We buy with our hearts, then rationalize with our minds. A good designer has to be able to touch your heart, just like a fine painter.

Thanks for the shout-out! :)



Janice C. Cartier said...

Kelly- You're so welcome.

"evoking mood is mission-critical"

Beautifully said. Thanks right back at you.


Sonia Simone said...

I can't think of anything dazzlingly brilliant to say, but had to swing by out of my RSS reader to say I enjoyed today's naked moment. :)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Sonia.. day.. :)