Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Godiva Chocoiste and Men, or Hoping To Get Lucky

The important thing to remember about stalking, er, doing market research, is to correctly pick your ground. I want to observe my target in some of the species' leisure habitats. Since I am currently without a boat, Ball season is way off (the kind you wear a fancy gown to, not the kind where they sell hot dogs in the stands, or have cheerleaders for), and I am off my home turf, this will have to do.

And look, they have seeded the field. Less than 15 feet from my cafe table, uh, office desk, here we are--Dallas leisure time activity center for the guy who reads. I was sipping a vanilla latte, discretely observing and sending my report back to corporate headquarters. Okay, I was on my cell phone to a girlfriend. I counted 9, no, 12 men and me in the area. Not another woman in sight. It was mid Sunday morning, kind of early, and they were everywhere. Men. Well groomed, casually dressed men, out for a cuppa and something to read.

Dallas men are the most time obsessed, watch collecting males I have come across. Look at the titles on the magazines. And this is a small sampling. There is a whole section on the rack behind this one that is devoted just to watches. However, notice Art and Architecture and Communication Arts are way up there too. And that is a very good thing for me. One of my most prolific collectors is a residential and commercial developer. His International Style private beach house contains no less than 5 of my large paintings in his main public rooms. So I liked seeing the interest in fine architecture.

Among the watch afficionadoes this Sunday morning, are well built security/bodyguard types. How did I know? We artists are highly trained observers. And it said so on their tightly fitted muscle restraining tee shirts. There was some serious muscle at this watering hole, reading and then walking. The muscle guys walk a lot. Up for coffee and back for water. Get another magazine. Get some more juice. Read the paper. Go get a pastry. And they observe everything around them. Like scanning constantly. Note to self: Find out if they furnish the palace or if they just guard it. Either way, a win. I think I spotted a Maverick or two as well. Ball players, not horses. Hm. Do the sports guys buy art?

The Godiva Kiosk was slightly over to the right. I am not sure whether it was a gentle reminder for these guys to pick up a treat for a loved one, or parallel bait to bring in prey. I prefer to think of it as nourishment. This is work after all. Hmm, of course I could be prey come to think of it. The engineer I ended up talking with did ask me if I come here often. And yes, he wore a very nice watch. It's okay, I can take a hit for the team. Such is the life of an artist wanting know her ideal clients up close in a Texas Town. I must breach the Petroleum and Cattleman's Clubs too. Yep, dirty work that...might require special shoes. But I am on it. Stay tuned.


Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome said...

So, did you get lucky? ;)

(other than lucky with your writing inspiration)

Janice C. Cartier said...

I'll trade you that info for exactly one Speedo story mister! ;-)

A Brush with Color said...

This is hilarious--loved it!

Janice C. Cartier said...

@ a brush-Hey , work has to have some perks!