Friday, August 1, 2008

Time To Just Paint

I need to take a full studio day today. So I will give you this walk on the beach at sunset to ease you into what I hope will be a lovely weekend for you all. If you let yourself, you might be able to feel the day warmed sand caress your feet and hear the roll of the surf cleansing off the week. There is even a gentle breeze. Ahhh. Breathe.

There. Doesn't that feel good? C'mon Brush. Shh. Let's leave them to it. We have La Vie Dansante to explore.

The hokey music? Sure.

That's what we'll be humming as we paint. Now go be Naughty yourself.


Words For Hire said...

Janice, thank you so much for the sand and ocean, yeah I feel it, I feel it. Life is good. Ahhhh!

Bamboo Forest said...

Your description of the beach, is right on. Makes me want to be there.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Right back at you guys....I would love to be there too. :)

Bill K. said...

Beaches are a great way to end the week, beaches are a great way to begin the week. I could easily live at the beach and never be bored. My fantasy is to write a book while living in a beachfront shack. Nothing too fancy. As long as it has a screened-in porch and some empty stretches of beach nearby, I would be happy.

I hope your day in the studio brought back the beach in all its glory.

Janice C. Cartier said...


Sign me up for the beach shack next door, honestly. Simple with screens..and maybe air conditioning....I've been drawing sea shells so I am feeling prety mellow. :)

( I have a friend who writes his novels on St. Lucia- to get away from HIS beach shack in FL. Spoiled I say, way spoiled. But the books are really good. Yes, I am very jealous.)