Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watch the Watch

I am hypnotized by neutrals at the moment. The seashells in graphite grey. I am after timelessness. And I was doing market research. Okay, I was hanging out at the magazine section of Barnes and Noble on Sunday. Seriously, if we were in Africa it would be a watering hole.

What was I stalking? Males. Males with leisure time and discretionary income. My upper end clients are mostly these creatures with some alpha females here and there in the mix. They run companies, head institutions, work for themselves, heal the brain, import wine, advise presidents, and they write. They like original art and other very fine things.

I only had to wait in the Lifestyle section for a minute. Really. I saw something curious. A Robb report on watches. I had never seen so many magazines in one place on collecting watches. So I plucked that one from the bunch. And here, right beside me, total male at leisure going straight for the watches. And another. There was a cagey taller man lingering over by the business section, but he was well aware of the watch guys. They were casually dressed, but totally groomed for a Sunday. Was there a memo for this somewhere? They were everywhere.

I waited just a few seconds. Looked at the gorgeous photos. The male standing right next to me spoke in response to my quiet ooh (over the watches, ahem).

"Those will really set you back," he said.

" Yes, they will...but aren't they gorgeous?", I softly responded.

"They are that," he replied warmly.

I turned and gently smiled ( engaging the target in person is a subtle thing).
"Do you mind if I ask you a question?", I quietly asked.

"No, not at all," he said, his watch magazine tucked under his arm.

"Do you buy original art as well?", I asked him.

"Oh yes, I do as I can afford it," he replied.

We spoke for just a little while more. I said the thing about collecting is that it is about so much more than the object of our collection, no matter what that is. And he agreed. Fine things. We are drawn to them.

I left the men to their leisure habitat. But I watched for a time longer. One by one they came for boats, for watches, for tech or for cameras, some for Travel and Leisure. We were all stalking the object of our desire. It comes in many shapes. But it in the object, or the hunt? They are both kind of fun.


Kelly said...


I was just talking to a friend earlier about being content without desire. Apparently some folks are happier without wanting. No want, no disappointment, no hurt. A zen thing?

Um, not for me. That hunt is what gets me up in the morning. My zen is being in love with now, but that doesn't exclude being drawn to beauty, intellect, fun, and wanting more of them in my life.

If I were in Texas, the magazine racks of the B & N would get me up in the morning, but flip through pages as I may, I never see the view you had when I'm browsing in Delaware. Darn.



Janice C. Cartier said...

I've always had a question about the zen of non desire too. I can be totally present, in love with now too. Mellow in the now. Got it. Stillnesss too.

But seeking out those quintessential moments, sometimes oohing and ahhing over very fine things ( including ideas and fun)....I am caught drooling. I don't have to own them, but I sure do appreciate them. It is so much of what I do.

Hmm. This will require much more research...the view is pretty good. Seriously. Every time.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I am tranfixed.
What happened next?
Will you see "HIM" again next Sunday groomed appropriately?
The picture IS delicious!

Kelly said...


Moving to Texas. Seriously. They're tall, too, aren't they? Or is that a myth made up by envious East Coasters?

Maybe I should go down the street and try Borders. :)

Until later,


Janice C. Cartier said...

@Kelly-I met a charming architect in a camel cashmere coat in Borders magazines, hm, in February...married, client potential only, but I swear... great conversation and outlook on life... and he paints. Cards were exchanged.

@ PB- hmm, not sure what that novel would be called... but it could be fun. I know enough writers to know that research can be a WHOLE lot of fun, been there with them, er, doing research.

I don't know PB, but I am going to cultivate a finer interest in watches. I am intrigued. :)

Janice C. Cartier said...

(Kelly- tall yes, some of them...I'll have to look further. But they seem to come in all varieties of the species.)