Thursday, August 14, 2008

Steve Holl and the Paper Chase

I fell in love with an architect on Sunday. Well, at least with his work, but I am quite sure if he asked me to marry him today, I would, sight unseen. I could live in one of his houses. Failing that instant marriage proposal, I will do the next best thing. Play with his influence on my work.

There's a drawing I want to do. Have for a long time. It happpens. Ideas sometimes have to gel for awhile before they are complete. Then boom. Right there it was in the pages of his current book, my drawing staring back at me. Only it is actually a building in Amsterdam. Aesthetic arrest. Totally stopped me in my tracks. Now I will not be able to rest, until I can figure out how to assemble the pieces, what materials to use, what pencils, or color, what mixed pieces I could bring in. So I can make my 2-d version of hide and seek, of the island of course.

I went online later, found another piece of his architectural art that has me thinking too. It slammed right into an idea I had for an environmental art piece. See what beginner's mind can do? I am translating into bas-relief and 3 dimensions what I would normally do in only 2. Playing with the small bits, confining myself to neutrals for just awhile, other aesthetic considerations start bursting on the scene. And I love it.

So today I will search, probably at Hiromi, for some unusual papers. Need some more like silk and tissue. There is a small screen I want to construct. Yes, some of these ideas come directly from those collages of found papers and inks. I am still playing with those. And some are from a small sketchbook I have had for awhile. It is time to move some of those, and the drawings from Tuesday, a little step forward. Some grander more elegant materials, just a few, are called into play. I want timeless whispers, some reflections and some shapes. Maybe it all changed a bit, when I saw that Beijing gymnist running in the air atop The Birds' Nest. But today I am thanking Steve.

C'mon Brush and Pencil, grab your kimonos, we have some looking to do. Yes, you can wear your flops, but not inside. And please, no ju jitsu in the store.


Harmony said...

Now you are talking my language! I love papers. Papers made of the most unusual ingredients are my favorites. I have unfortunatel ruined a few amazing pieces when applying them to some art project, but even the pieces are a treasure. Good luck shopping!

Words For Hire said...

Janice, I am always inspired by your posts and find myself applying your insight to my own creative pursuits. It is amazing how ideas are born or nourished from seemingly unrelated mediums. Thanks for bringing me in the studio today. My mind is free and I'm ready to create some things of my own.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Harmony- I have a thing for paper. It is almost palpable. I am chuckling because it is uncanny, happens around pencils too. I have no idea if there is a name for it, but if there is a cure, I do not want it. :)

Scraps and bits are just the parts of your next creation, don't you think? I save those to play around with.

Karen- I keep prowling, looking, with an open mind. You just never know what it might be, but there's lots and lots of wonder out there. Muses and masters come from all kinds of places. I think no matter what field we are in, surely there is a way to stay fresh, play, mix things up a bit. Your words inspire me too.