Friday, August 22, 2008

Not this Color, Exactly

Trying out different paints is at once uncomfortable and kind of exciting. We all tend to have favorites on our palette. Friar likes sap green. I like ultramarine violet. Patricia Tobacco Forrester never leaves home without cobalt violet and vermillion. And we all have brands that we have found to our liking. I tend to use Sennelier, Schminke and Winsor Newton, usually out of the tube.

We even have our favorite brushes, papers, and sometimes we are picky about palettes. I like a porcelain plate, white, just like Patricia if I can get it. Right now I have a clear plastic top to a bin that holds my tube color.

Kremer paints are new to me. That's what's in the picture. These are handmade pan colors using a medium made by Carol Gillot. I am trying them out for some small watercolor studies. So far, I really like them. They are rich, archival ( won't fade) and flow immediately when water hits them. No coaxing needed. Kremer supplies all the big guys who hand make their paints from pigments and binders. And I can see why they do it. This is like the best of the best of chocolate... or a sip of single malt scotch.

Only one problem. This is all I have of them. And my favorite colors are not there. Hmph. So I'll have to mix them, make puddles and puddles galore...ooh, won't that be terrible. Yep. Going back to my beginnings, finding the colors that glow. On I can go get them out of my bin. And I will. But these, these are quite glorious. I am going to get more water out...and more paper to make sketches on... because the water is not this color, exactly, but it sure is a good start.

Brush is wanting to dance of course. It is Naughty Friday he says and Pencil is getting the shaker out, shaving some ice...Okay, guys what will it be?

Ooh, Brush...margaritas and skinny dipping?....hmmm, sounds like a plan to me. He wants to play in those paints. Come on guys, let's jump in. I see you smiling. Make some splashes yourself.


A Brush with Color said...

I SOOOO agree with you on the Kremers. They're the best paints, and so different. They took me a bit to get used to but now I love them, and I want them in every color of the rainbow. We'll have to get on Carol about all this. Love your paintings here!!

I love how they lift, how they settle on the page and glow from within and how sedimentary they are...sigh...
Have a great weekend.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Maybe if we ask her really nice...:)

I am loving them. When it gets down to bare bones like these kind of minialist "scapes", the pigments make a huge difference. I will do as many "studies" as it takds to get that balance and the nuances that I am after.
Homer knew how to do it. Extension of contrast I think it is called. A little bit of just right makes the whole thing absolutely hum...and glow. Look how this settles in some parts, the low bits in the paper (which is a fairly heavyweight paper) and some rests on the high surface. That is fun to exploit. More to come.

Oh Carol...uh, can we get more colors? I am making a small list in my notes....:))))

Bill Kanapaux said...

Those are cool looking colors. I don't know much about paints, except for ringing them up for art students when I worked at the RISD bookstore my first year in Providence. It must be nice to have that kind of relationship with your materials - a little different than having a favorite pen and journal.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Bill- It is kind of pathetic how enamored I can be over certain materials....I have a favorite pen and journal too. A foray just to look at pencils, or I said, it's that new box of crayons and fresh paper for the first day of school kind of thing.
RISD- that's cool.

ParisBreakfasts said...

GIRL Don't segregate your KPs from the others!!!
They play well together.
In fact it's the only way to go because they are so heavily pigmented that they dance they need a shove from W&N & whatev.

Think spice not main ingredient..

ParisBreakfasts said...

Extended contrast...that's a biggie with DD! You explained it so well.
KP does have some new colors but I'm not nuts about them...he didn't ask me or rather he did but didn't listen. Someone else has his ear.
Just use yr favs from wherev and mix em up!

ParisBreakfasts said...

We did just get in a bunch of NEW could always call...
ONLY on sats