Monday, August 11, 2008

Lickety Split Gold

Monday. AGAIN. But for those of you who missed last night's gold medal relay by the American "Fab Four' watch it now. If you have any doubt, any hesitation about anything today, this effort by these four superbly trained and dedicated swimmers will dispel every last shred of it.

After many hours at my alternative office yesterday, I am spent. I waded through miles of work papers and journals. That studio notebook, if not in perfect shape is well on its way to being updated and restored. The files are roughly ready to work in light of the new series and direction, and the journals are marked a bit for some passages I sought. I have my 3 Most Important Tasks sorted out.

It wasn't all work. There was a steady flow of diversions. And yes once again the view was great. Uncanny that. They seed the field. More on that later this week. But all in all I am pleased. It isn't easy going back into everything, especially going straight to the heart of it. But that is exactly where I have to go.

And last night there they were. My touchstones for the week, if I even think of flagging in my efforts I can think of that relay in the Aqua Cube. Those four amazing guys and that Frenchman who talked that trash...hey Bernard, that was NOT the Marseillaise they played last night.

Have your picked your MIT's? Got a goal in mind, or someone you want to outdo? Here's what Lezak said about the French and the race: "They had talked a lot about it, and we would just rather do it in the pool," Lezak said.

Ready to jump into your personal pool and get it done? Brush take off those ridiculous goggles, the Speedo is bad enough. Yep. It is Organizing Monday. We're after a personal best.


Melissa Donovan said...

I think it's clever to look to athletes for writing inspiration. I also look to musicians and philanthropists, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired ;)

Melissa Donovan

Janice C. Cartier said...

They are something . I love to look to musicians too, especially jazz greats. I would love to know which philanthropists you like.

I cannot wait to see the 200m tonight with Phelps. And there is Beach volleyball another favorite. Woot!

Evelyn Lim said...

I just came over from Karen's site. I love painting too but do not get to do too much nowadays :-(

I'm going to explore your site for more visual treats!! Thanks for sharing!


ParisBreakfasts said...

We are all racing against time or something..
On strategies..and why the Clinton campaigne didn't get their MITs right-
They shoulda consulted you HUN!

Anonymous said...

...Though I'm getting tired of everybody talking about Michael Phelps getting EIGHT gold medals, like it's already a given.

You know what? I hope he dosen't get it.

I'd like to see him get SEVEN (just to teach a bit of humility!)

(It would give someone else a chance, too!)

(heh heh heh).

- Friar

Janice C. Cartier said...

@Friar- Curmudgeon. :) And what, break his mother's heart? I think they should stop talking about it too, but they are paid to build the story, eh?

@PB- Curious the cat here. I''ll go look.

@Evelyn- I love Karen's new site. So glad you came over. The Pen Men will be doing renovations here too, but for now, make yourself at home.

Anonymous said...


heh heh. I think you're the first to ever call me a curmudgeon. (Is this what I have to look forward to in my senior years?)

Ohh...come on! If he got seven medals instead of eight...well, gee. There are worse things in the world. He and his family would survive.

Besides, I like to root for the underdog. (Or the quiet type of gentlman athletes).

- Friar

Janice C. Cartier said...

Friar- The kid has been training since he was 10, probably has a cute little teddy bear he travels with.

And the team, he is such a team member, you saw him cheering for Lezak. He does not gloat. He is I think a gentleman, just a very determined one.

Course I wanted Piersol to nail it too and he did. But then I like quiet little Katie Hoff too.

7 meh... they would survive...but I am going to wish him well on the eight.

( Curmudgeon. :P )

Anonymous said...

I was watching Mike Phelps last night..getting another medal.

Okayyyy....I must admit, I'm starting to cheer for him.

Might as well, eh?

Canada isn't usually that strong in the I'll often cheer for the next closest thing...our friends to the South.

Just as long as the French don't win:

(Insert snooty French waiter laugh here: )


- Friar

Janice C. Cartier said...



That Bernard. I wonder if he is talking trash any more.