Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Experiment Continues

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"How do you learn?", she types to her readers in that casual Sunday morning way. Not quite enough coffee yet, she pauses, even though her eyes had opened well before dawn. Thoughts of that crazy wild party yesterday drift through her head. "Just jump in!", they urged. She stared them down, those Alpha males, and jumped.
She sits, still in her robe, looking at this creamy cake, "It is the tip of an iceberg too long contained. It only hints at what she has to offer." These too are her thoughts, as she ponders the screen.
Ahh, but look at that cream, strawberries nestled happily in its abundance. "Cake. You chose cake to keep your muse alive in this transition." Look at the blush and the light in the berries. "There's a very real piece of you there." And you wanted daily discipline in oils. "Yes, delicious. Yum."
Setting up limitations, increases creativity, hones skill sets. Painting in series, as in any other skill, is exquisite experience in setting up experiments, challenges, problems to solve, and conquering them one by one. "Is it like that with you?," she wonders. "Isn't that how you do it?"
One more cup of coffee. That's what she needs. A shower and then back to the studio. There are big canvas's waiting. Yep, that's a smile on her face. There's some blue sky she can't wait to get to. Oh, there's that Twitter thing too, another challenge. Quickly she makes a note to self,"sign up", and saunters on.

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anonymouse admirer said...

Oh man I LOVE this lush painting!
I'm gonna go bid!!!