Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fancy Nancy Fleur De Lis Cake

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We needed some cake. Some fancy cake. With a pinkish chocolate fleur de lis. Yep. Needed swirls of damask chocolate to give us a clue that underneath in this coffer of crunch, were delights and sensory treats. Dip into the paint, look at a "pretty", move toward the next few pieces. Spend time pouring over the rich landscapes. A pastry, a palm, a Pacific landscape, these are small delights that tickle my senses, coax them into play. I'll take a walk. It's misty today. Maybe the doves will coo. For now that's what I'll do. Ponder taupes, blues and greys. Let the thrill of a brush pulling paint pull me along the path. That's where I will go today. Yes, the cake can lead. Get me started. A warm up and a treat. And now it's time to move my feet. Ahh, good endeavors, a delight or two and a walk of contemplation. That's the plan. My artist's carpe diem. The cake was for the muse. She is pushy that way.

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