Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zen Blue Lines

Home business guru and Itty Biz personal trainer, Naomi Dunford, has joined our zen retreat. (Read shoved her snarky self over here to challenge me with her questions.) "It's a zen retreat," I say, "no turbulence please"...but she persists. She's pushy like that.
"Oh yeah? Well do they know why they're here?" From my place of peace, one eye opens... those pesky real world questions intrude. "Like what is your game? What do you do? Do your clients really know what kind of business you're in?"
OM... I breathe deeply while the cartoon character in my head jumps up and down shaking its fists and stomping, "WHAT? Do I have to use words? I draw them a picture everyday."
"Hmph. They might think you do this just for fun." My other eye snaps open.

"Well, they are here to see Jade's blue line painting today," I point out.
The wriggling Naomi trying to arrange her legs in a Buddha like position, continues, "But, why do you do it?" she pushes on.
" Naomi, be still, contemplate."
She just comes back, one leg wrapped oddly,"Do you love it or do you have one of those creepy knacks?"
"Why? Like why do I breathe?" Words fail me. "Hpmh," I say. "Do you know how hard it is to succeed in this field. Do you know that men are paid much more than women, do you know how much rejection there is?" As my blood rises to an un-zen like boil...I see her giggling...I laugh at myself and say, "Yes, Naomi I love it and I have a very uncanny and creepy knack for all things visual."

"What kind of people would need or want what you offer?", nosy Naomi wants to know.
Ahh, my awkward grasshopper, people want to surround themselves with things that reflect their lives. Things that are transporting, touchstones. My clients need and want more, more than the mundane. They are thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive ones who know there's more to life than nine to five. They are senators and scientists, writers and the written about, bankers and builders, CEOs of large companies and households, money men and mommies, artists and artful souls, even a city.
"People like you, Naomi."
"With a bit of cash", she says.
"Yes." I respond," I take money for what I do, don't you?"

And on she goes while I notice limbs getting itchy ( Are we done yet? My cartoon character looks at its watch, thinking warm stone treatment in five), "What's your marketing USP?( Unique Selling Proposition, Naomi's a Biz Wiz) Why should I buy from you instead of the other losers?" (See did I tell you snarky is her middle name?)
"Funny you should ask, Most of my clients become my friends, acquaintances at least.
We share a common bond. They tend to like the one to one. And of course, I am good at what I do. they like the work, they like me. It's nice."
" Yeah, love fest. Good stuff. Got it." She can't be still.

As we rise to our feet and head off to the massage with warm stones, she has just one more...

"So ,what's next for you? What's the big plan?"
"The bright shiny thing on the horizon you mean?," as I smile. "Talk to the Men With Pens. We have plans underway. More. Bigger. Better. There are stories to tell and lots and lots of paint. Friends to make. I can't wait. "
"Now just hush." Be one with the quiet, Naomi." Like that will happen.


Mark said...

- Most of my clients become my friends, acquaintances at least.

I like that. It's what I try and do with my baking. And if I can get my clients talking with each other, even better.

Can't wait for news of your Men With Pens collaboration.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi Mark,
Good to see you over here. Your sourdough looks fantastic. My FAVORITE bread. Oh those MwP:) We'll let everyone know. Thanks for stopping by. JC

Naomi from IttyBiz said...

1. I'll have you know that within arm's reach of me right now are:

Ambivalent Zen
Many Ways to Nirvana
The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching
Novice to Master
Turning the Mind into an Ally

HAHAHA. And she says I'm not Zen.

Anyway. This was really awesome -- totally entertaining and adorable. Very cool. However. (And you KNEW there was a however...)

Let's say I'm looking around my apartment saying, "Gee, apartment. You don't have very much art, do you?"

Or, "You know what we could really use? A picture of cake."

Or, "Good God, I can't think what to get my sister-in-law for her housewarming. Wait! Wait one minute! CAKE PICTURES!!!"

How do I buy? I can't find click to bid. Is that because we're wabisabi-ing it up right now and click to bid is coming back? Or is it just that I'm kind of dumb? Am I too late for the paintings? Does it disappear when someone wins? The people need to know.

Oh, and I want something involving blackberries.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Ahhh, Naomi. See always BIZ. Recent upheaval at ebay left some of us finding it, changed. Especially the algorithms that kept sales happening. Never fear. Regrouping. The cake piece on this post will be listed at auction tomorrow complete with Click to Bid. Although we are being wabi sabi this week, too.

But you my sleath zen master, will get blackberries, scrumptious ones...for cash of course. :) See how colleagues influence one another?
Thanks, I think, for making me work extra hard today.