Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Exactly Naughty

But I would like to be. Run away to an island or escape to a coast. It is overcast today. We had thunder in the night. All is cozy here inside like a ship battened tight. But me, I would rather be a-sailing, a-sailing if I could. Or in a helicopter swiftly making time in the dark to the next horizon. As I pull the covers up, or sip a cup of tea, let's pull out the maps and plot some reverie. Ahh, but here we have some cake with booties all pink and full of hope, and there is more of "Shipwrecked" color puddling to do, is awfully dark outside, and brush is near at hand. For now the maps will do, a look at The Cortez Log. Not exactly naughty, but the twinkle's coming back. Friend's will do that, hug you along. Help you keep your balance. And when it's time, we'll all go asailing once again. Tromp some unknown ground. Not exactly naughty, but the promise of it... is lovely anticipating.


unknown admirer said...

Pink Booties!
Now I never saw that on a cake in Paris and I'm quite taken aback.
How could they miss out on such a cutie?
I like the ribbons of color beneath the booties - very adventurous looking!

Faça a Diferença !!! said...

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Ricardo Sergio