Monday, April 14, 2008

Organic Chai Monday

Organizing Mondays. Starting over fresh. Right? Forget the excesses of the weekend, or the studio hours spent. Take stock. See what's up. Then Zen To Done again. "Sound like a plan?", she asks taking a sip.

"What's up is my waist line," she scoffs at herself. See the tape running through here? Those little red numbers are telling a story. A smart alecky, taunting one at that. Another sip. She pauses, thinks. Looks at the to do list.

A voice, she hears the voice of a champion from her Inner Circle, urging her to get tough. "Okay, dammit," she picks up the pen, fills in those blank spaces, " 5 Hindu Push ups, 10 Hindu Squats, and (her favorite) 10 Bridges held as long as she can." Pushy alpha males. She chuckles, takes another sip. Considers the spice in her tea.
" Now where is that purple Swiss Balancing Ball?" Under the desk, see near all your sketchbooks. She patters off, "How many balls must we juggle? How many plates can you keep in the air?"
Matthew bellows, "Is that whining I hear?"
"Uh, no, uh, no sir. Getting tough sir. Getting tough. " She puts down her tea and starts counting, "one...gasp, two, cough ....grrr."
Mondays, she thinks, grimacing.

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ParisBreakfasts said...

Oh TAZO tea...YUM
Now if I could just get organizing Monday under my belt...
Whatever the number...ahem...