Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday On Location

Opportunity knocks. Luckily I am home to answer the door. I put on my explorer pants with all the pockets, spritzed some Hermes, 24 Rue Faubourg on to lift my spirits, grabbed my Moleskine and went on location again.

The mission? The call? Landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. I tromped, explored, oohed and ahhed over 900 miles of them with my friend Patti a few years ago. So the trek right now is recall, sensory triggering, transporting myself again to the clean mists of glacier residue beaches, mammoth forests, and tide pools filled with anemone, starfish, and one orange octopus.

What did I pack for lunch this time? Conveniently I had "Legally Blond" pink iced with sprinkles cake leftover from Movie Night. Not exactly roughing it this time around. The competition deadline is May. Four solid oils in that short of time? You bet. But I may have to put my boots on for that.

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