Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vegas Wedding

Early morning. Oops, not so early. "Might need coffee", she thinks, pouring her herbal tea down the sink. She looks at her notes from yesterday, hmmm." Let's see... Wedding Cake from Vegas...." The artist pads over to the pantry to look for stronger stuff.

"There must be kissing." She moves the strawberries into a tender kiss. A faint old tune plays in her head, "Love me tender, love me true. "

"And chocolate." She squeezes out some lusciousness. Hears the coffee brew.

"Definitely some showgirl red." She smiles,"LOTS of red. " The old tune begins to change..."a little less conversation..." she feels a dance break coming on.

"Now how do I get some Elvis on this blank board?" Ahh, coffee's ready. And it is time to paint. She dances off...

1 comment:

ParisBreakfasts said...

I'm enjoying your rock around the clock...or rather this mystery wedding cake who's innards elude you.
In fact I think you have a good handle on them.
If only my Austrian gateaux would reveal themselves so well.
I shall go pad into the pantry...
Something's gotta give!