Friday, April 18, 2008

Naughty Friday Vegas Cake For Two

"Can you do my wedding cake?" Jenny had asked. Her name had been drawn out of the hat.

Some sketching was done. Some scratching of head. "Sure, will a slice do? The canvas is very small," the artist had asked. "Yes." Next came the list of essentials.

The bride loves chocolate and strawberries. Her dress was red, the table soft green. The artist looked at the berries and thought,"Let's make it a lucky seven."

Let's give it some glitz, the strawberries must kiss. After all this is a romance. And a memory of a sweet trip to Vegas.

I'd like to thank Jenny for letting us have some fun this week. How did you know I needed the road trip, this little diversion? Here's wishing you and your handsome husband a soft place to land with the person you love for many, many wonderful years.

Oh the clip? Here this one is for for the two of you. Next week? Get ready Jade, It's a Zen Retreat. Don't forget it's Naughty Friday people. Shake off the week. Get up to some mischief. Please, I insist.


wedding cake admirer said...

At last the divine wedding slice is finished!
The innards are just suggested but WOW - Full of tantalizing dark chocolate with a hint of fraise...
I love the chocolate sails on top.
May the happy couple sail through life with ease.

Brett Legree said...


I thought I'd hop over from MwP to see what your place was like, and

WOW! you are very talented, I really like your work. I'm going to enjoy your blog very much.

I'm so glad that I had a chance to meet you.


Janice C. Cartier said...

@Brett- Big merci. Hugs, Jan

Seriously good writing on Brett's Six Weeks....go now, see what I mean. He 's a lot of fun too, for a Nuclear Engineer... :)

Merisi said...

such beautiful respite from the week! I shall make a pot of tea and dream of your wonderful chocolate creation. ;-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Merci Merisi, or Danke ( ?)- Hope all is gorgeous in Vienna and you are snapping pics to make us drool, wish we were there. :) JC

Jenny said...

And what a wonderful birthday gift for me -- April 20 -- to have this gift from your birthday! Thank you so much, it's beautiful.