Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pink Bird Intermission

This is the antidote for pink bird frustration. Late afternoon shots from yesterday in the garden. Do you see the feathery fluid whites? Pink bird has feathers that want to flow, but he is only part of the scene. The whole of the piece is asking him to be patient, be content.

Look at these whites of liquid pinks, of violets and blues. They, like pink bird, beg to be let loose. Bigger space, dappled light, a breeze upon the face. Brush is wanting to make puddles.

Today's work is a bit like working at the UN, coaxing pigments to perform, settling prima donna feathers, and finding joy for brush to play in greens that misbehave. I have a plan, but first my eyes needed to soak up these fluid whites. Respond to the light. So, I, as master diplomat can make it all come right.

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