Monday, April 28, 2008

For Audubon's Birds And The Kids Of The Gulf Coast

Click To Bid Online Auction Ends May 1, 2008

My dear friend Kate sent out the call, " Jan, I am chairing the Zoo To Do this year, can you help?"
"Of course." I said with a smile. I love Kate. And besides, we are women of the storm. Doing our part to rebuild.
It is hard to convey how enormous, how pervasive the damage, the impact of Katrina has been. Oh you've seen lots of photos I am sure. And heard all the back and forth,the rhetoric, the pain. But here is back story. Something good for a change. Something simple.
Our children, all of the children of the city, and the region, go to this zoo. Thursdays were always free. School bus after school bus would line up in turn. And happy bouncing kids of all colors, languages and sizes, leap out with a shout and bit of glee. Field trips, Edzoocators, teachers and friends,yep another opportunity to learn and to be, a day at the zoo with so much to see, so much to do. This one rivaled San Diego's. It is a magical place.
I sketched and painted there,took gifted girls on Saturdays to the Zoo and Aquarium. Showed them how to be an artist on location. Little heads bowed together, oohs and ahhs, furrowed brows, tongues between lips, as they tried to draw a jumping sea lion.
As I sit here, tears gently roll down. Happy memories drift across my mind of wiggles and giggles and discovery. A day at the Audubon Zoo. This is a haven.
I am asking you to help. The auction is live and online. The Zoo-to-Do is this weekend. If you or your business want to put something right. Help. Bid, and bid big for this painting I did, "Water Lily Chaos". I rode out the storm two blocks from the Zoo. Walked out to see all the trees uprooted, the sky unnaturally bright. We're making it even better bit by bit.
The money in its entirety goes to the project. Not one cent goes anywhere else. No politics, no waste, just restoring Audubon's bird house this year. These kids need you and a life time of smiles. A sanctuary for themselves. Send the link to the auction to anyone you know who can bid, whose business or home needs some beauty, some grace. Know that even that small part will help us with our mission.But bidding, making that price go up, even better. This one is close to my heart and to Kate, And her two little boys. Thanks. Please pass this on.


Mark Dykeman said...

Good luck with the project!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Thanks Mark. :)

ParisBreakfasts said...

AWESOME painting Jan! ! !
The link does not go anywhere :(
Please fix.
I love all the rhythms and the looseness!

Greetings from rainy New York

Janice C. Cartier said...

I just repaired link. Any problems let me know. :) Jan
The Zoo to do link will also go to the auction the painting is under my name in the art section.