Wednesday, June 4, 2008

10 Muses and 50 Huzzahs

This is the part where it really takes patience.

Remember where we started?

I mean how many spikes of green, how many strokes does it take, to make it done? This particular part of the painting is a central hub. It has to flow. The greens have to move us. Right now they have to move me. How do I keep myself from green fatigue? I use the other two colors in the triad too. So darting in and out will be browns and lavenders, references to sky and earth peeking here and there. Don't worry , I'll spare you. We'll take a break from this painting for a few days while brush and I play in all these greens. Watch for blackberries here tomorrow.
So as I said on Monday, I need 10 muses and 50 huzzahs to keep me moving through all the fun stuff there is to do. What do you do when you're into a task and have many others as well. What keeps you reaching for your dreams?

Ahh, my friends will get that one big time. C'mon Brush.

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