Friday, June 27, 2008

Lines Are Lyrical

Next come the lines and circles of plants piercing the surface.

Not this kind of plant, but follow the lines in this photo. They set up a rhythm.

I'll usually do a drawing similar to this one...

... Or this one, to find the rhythm. Not sure I will this time.

But these blobs will become all kinds of greens.

This painting is about layers and the play between them. I don't want to say too much. We'll let it develop and see what happens. But I will be playing with that blue rag some more, maybe finger painting a bit. I want to delight in the textures and rhythms. Pick colors, push glazes, and splat where I need to splat. You know, try some new ways to put on the paint and make it flow and float. Just like those clouds in the sky.
In part, I have to thank Sonia, for reinforcing this play. Even though I was headed this way, she helped push me over that edge... In a good way. So thanks. You are a remarkable friend, darling.

Oh yes, we need music. It is Naughty Friday, go soak up some fun.

Ahh, time to lighten up ....have a good weekend.


goldfinger-not said...

My teach, David Dewey, used to do these directional marks doodles too. I have yet to do them but I should!
It's good to get the rhythms down 1st.
I as far as painting that gold tea set goes - I tried and failed. Too glitzy for me :(
Give me a pink..give me a blue
and I have a home run :)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi Goldfinger- I know what you mean about the colors..and your pinks and blues are marvelous.

I love to do the marks. I used to do tons of directional doodles at random to set up something I wanted to do and then go find what it took to make that rhythm in a still life or a landscape something real too. Work it both backwards and forwards.