Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Little Progress is a Good Thing

One step closer to goal.

Already the next piece is calling.

Oops, I broke the seal.

This morning I woke up with a relentless need to make a diluted cobalt blue glaze and pull it across a clean canvas with a rag, not a brush. Huh? Yes, right in the middle of my horizontal gonna get up in a sec planning, this tap, tap, tap, you know you wanna, would not go away. It started yesterday. In the middle of my diligent work on the shady undersides of the palms, the image of me applying the blue, caressing the canvas almost, kept popping up.

I blame my friend Patti. It's pretty much her fault. Hers and the Phillips Museum. And Julian Merrow Smith. Sure why not blame him too. And John. Yes, let's get a whole blame posse going.

Remember this week is more about staying out of my head, staying in the moment and just getting one thing done after another? 2 minutes, 1 most fabulous thing, all that. Just being present in the moment, not over thinking. Just doing for gosh sakes. How hard can that be?

Hmph. Hands on hips, the artist taps foot and tilts head. Well, actually that is the point at which I broke the silly seal on the next canvas. My muse is not shutting up.

A photo from Patti, a summer show of Diebenkorn's work from his Albuquerque years, Julian's play with edges and John's proclivity for "random is good", are all talking to me.

There will be blue on that canvas by dinnertime tonight. And I will move to the next little part of the palms. Oh, my to do list is still good, very, very good, but this blue is pulling me into a flow...and THAT is exactly what I was after.

Moral of the story? Sometimes a little progress and a luxurious blue are the next right thing to do. We are playing with edges and flow. A musical muse for this? Yes, here we go:

Ahh, come on Brush let's go find that rag and paint some blue. What you thought art was easy?


ParisBreakfasts said...

And the rag ran away with the brush...
And they lived happily ever after in a blue-shuttered cottage with blue morning glories round the blue picket fence..
Too much playing with Photoshop layers and blue brushes...
Feeling a blue rush come over me.
Bonne Painting!

Janice C. Cartier said...

Ahh, but it feels so good. :)