Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Few 2 Minutes-Part 2

Houston we have silk.

We have rich luscious color.

And we have probably a few less pounds.

It was stinkin' hot outside yesterday. Well, humid for sure, and we all know, "It's ( everyone repeat) not the heat, it's the humidity. " But I had my arms full of 2 minutes and a plentiful supply of limeade. So before the thunderstorm and lightening hit in the afternoon, we, brush and I, painted lovely silk outside. Painting in the garage was not an option. No breeze there.
Here's another 2 minute accomplishment from this week. I applied to become an Amazon Associate. Look over there, on the right. There's a new Carousel Widget of good reads. They said, " we approve." Go for it. So I am. If you look, you'll see some friends of mine. Black Widow is the newest of Randy's Doc Ford novels with a great new character, Sir James. If you can find a copy of Twelve Mile Limit, you will find that Doc Ford's best friend and sidekick wears original silk sarongs hand painted by moi. Randy is one of my favorite muses and one hell of a storyteller. Besides, how cool is it that my lovely silks grace the hips of manly man Tomlinson? Mojitos and fresh breezes always come to mind when I think of Dinkins Bay.
So another 2 minutes lets me bring you another passion of mine. I am a voracious reader as my friends know. Ahh, I am liking this test. How are your 2 minutes going? Let's see, what was next on that list? Definitely more limeade. Come on, Brush.
And because I love this so much. Here we go with hot and smooth.


ParisBreakfasts said...

the silks are luscious!!!
can't wait to see what the 2 mins will bring us?

Anonymous said...


I like the third picture of the silk the best. There's something about the colors and texture that catches my eye and makes my brain pleased.

This is the type of thing I could paint. Just a close-up of the silk and the folds, as something different. This would be a great study in watercolor.

- Friar

Janice C. Cartier said...

Friar- You know darn well my name is Janice. Don't tick me off. :))
These are painted very much like watercolor. You chould do a study of that one you like so much. I may use your slippery trout as models for a silk. :)
Coming o check in with you, bear man.

Anonymous said...

Ooops! Sorry, Janice.

Sorry...Typo. I wasn't awake yet when I made the comment.

I CHOULD be more careful next time! :-)

I might just to that study...if it turns out, I'll post it and acknowledge you!

- Friar

Janice C. Cartier said...

Chuckling.....*chould* have had some coffee myself...hahaha...loved your story.