Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chocolate Silk Morning Update

While I am waiting for a thunderstorm to pass...

Here's a sneak peek at this morning's dip into the chocolates and coffee.

Now, quick check of radar, then I am grabbing a beverage and going back out for deeper darker chocolates this afternoon. How are you doing today? Was that thunder, I just heard?? uh oh...that's not on my plan... I am so laughing at myself... there's another roll of thunder...hmm...might have to bake chocolate chip cookies while this one passes to get my chocolate this afternoon. Yep, that was lightening...Ghiradelli here I come. Hey, if I have to paint in the garage we ARE having cookies. My inner diva says so. I am so sure Jasper Johns has none of these difficulties, the artist says shaking her head and chuckling....what a day.

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