Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Few 2 Minutes- Part 1

Before the storm, I painted silks too.

These were sold at several Ritz Carltons and The Bellagio Gallery in Asheville and some other exclusive locations.

Less than 2 minutes is what it takes to thumbnail a sketch for a silk.

I have a makeshift set up here in Dallas, but yesterday, in 2 minutes, I outlined a silk series to paint over this next few weeks. 2 minutes of original thought, born of years of experience. So today, I will haul out the frames. Get out the clips , the mixing bowls, the brushes, the plastic covers for the garage floor, the silks stashed away. I will paint sensual silks in a Texas garage. Ahh, the glamorous life of an artist. You'll probably get to see some of the process. And when they are done and all neatly pressed and packaged elegantly, I'll send them off to their new homes. It's wearable art, a movable exhibit. If you want one. Let me know. Oh, the price? Around 200.00.

Who'll be on my ipod? Some Sexyback, some Smooth, some Choux Pastry Heart, some Need to Know ...painting silk is half paint, half dance...a regular little party in the garage today. I think we'll need some beverages as well. It's pretty hot. So how are your 2 minutes going?


ParisBreakfasts said...

So pretty..can't wait to see them take form..diaphonously...

Janice C. Cartier said...

Thanks. Yesterday was very productive in spite of the heat...so you can see some of the colors on the next post....it's up.

ellen wilson said...

I feel for you. We seem to be past the nasty heat in Michigan. But didn't it get nasty hot in Louisiana?

Wondrous silks! So nice. I want some. And your paintings, too! A few more articles...

I gotta get my Amazon widget thingy up and running. Time to monetize the blog. In a nice way, of course.

Janice C. Cartier said...

@ Ellen-Yes, Nasty , nasty, hot there too. I am so glad you like my work. Just let me know when you are ready. And yes, I like to pass on really good stuff when I find it. So the Amazon widget seemed like a nice thing. Blogs are a commitment. I need to monetize a bit so it can continue.
Coming to see you.