Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Want a Rematch-Puddles 2, Artist 1

Painting in the rain is fun.

Sort of.

Not one silk turned out the way I would have wished.

Well, maybe 1 of the silks is slightly gorgeous. See that coppery and purple one in the second photo? It is one mistake after another. And guess what? It is going to be Lasceaux Cave gorgeous when the colors are set. It has a smokey, warm/cool thing going on that makes my primal heart purr. It is literally built on rain drops, my response to them, and layer after layer of: "Is this enough?" NO. "Too much?" Yes. "This?" NO. "That?" Maybe. All while the rain is sprinkling here and there. This silk has densities of pushing through in spite of my own self until it had body, and rich color, and then patina. It is seeped in imperfection. Rich with I dunno, let me try this, 'cause that isn't it. Ripe with, uh, uh, not there yet... and lots of interruptions. This was not an in the zone day. And I only got half the number of them done that I set out to do.

Here's what happens when it seems like a miss on a silk to me. I say, "Oh well, nothing to lose now", and I see what I can throw at it to pull it off. Anyone ever had that feeling of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat? Yeah, feels good doesn't it? Well, I have a little of that now, but look, only 1 out of 3. Oh, the other two are respectable in person, and they'll look luscious when the colors are set, but I am not exactly pleased. Hm. Now here's the real question: Beverage and chilling now, or deep breath, centering, and get right back out there? It's 6 pm my time. Now, what would Tiger Woods do ? :)


Kelly said...


I had an Interior Design prof who used to say, "When it looks terrible and you know you've gone too far, keep going."

Layering, layering. I hear her voice when I'm designing, and when I'm writing, too.

Of course, then I hear Coco Chanel, saying look in the mirror, whatever the first thing you see is, take it off... but sleek minimalism is for another day. Not for the story of your luscious silks.

For what it's worth, the first silk is the one I like best. :) I'm a huge fan of perfect imperfection.



Janice C. Cartier said...


That first one will look great when the colors are set and it's all washed and pressed.

Coco was not with me on this day.I love minimalism too. There's that tipping point, not Malcolm's, but the one where you realize you just got it to a threshold and have to keep at it. There's also the oh, s**t one that has us going totally back to the drawing board. The thing is, they both look the same at that turning point. :)

Kelly said...


That sixth sense (when to keep going, and how) is what makes you an artist.

Looking forward to the development of the painting. That one's really got me.

Until later,


Janice C. Cartier said...

Aw, thanks.