Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blackberries in Progress

A friend could use some cheering up. She is under the weather.

So let's send her a peek a boo of her berries in progress.

It has a little way to go. Not done yet. Here you can see the start.

We want big plump blackberries, a sifting of sugar snow, and a pink and yellow glow. We have the essentials down. Now comes the part that's fun. Oh berries are berries yes, but I cannot be happy with just that. These berries will have some class and a bit of playfulness. The brushes will get smaller. It will just take a kiss of color here or there, but what I am after is a smile that a friend can share. Feel better soon.

Don't sell to the tinkers, Jamie. We would all be so sad. Just take care, bring her juice, a hanky and really good drugs. Have you put the pool in yet? Fed Ex just delivered our Margarita Swirl machine. Really. So the muses today...kind of a southern thing. ( even if they won't let me embed it. )

Yep. It's summer. Getting the mixes and the ice. Nachos? Sure. Coming up.


GirlPie said...

So pleased that I followed your get-well to Naomi over here from IttyBiz -- this is a lovely site that I'll turn my artist Dad onto... LOVE the revers progression of the berries... gotta snoop around some more during another lunch break -- VERY NICE.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi girlpie! Good to see you here. I hope it makes Naomi smile. Snoop at will. Ooh , it is lunchtime... thanks for saying hi.

Naomi from IttyBiz said...

Typing from my laptop in bed. Blessed, blessed bed. You are wonderful and the painting in progress looks completely and divinely edible.

You are too sweet.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Hi Naomi,

Keep yourself tucked up well and cozy.. Hope you feel better soon. We'll keep the berries yum- a -licious and lots of fun. :)