Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Carrot Cake More

This is a lake. A mirror pond. Make it large and you will see exactly how each stroke of paint is more of a gentle caress. Each one tickles yet stays sublime, contained. The desire is to paint eternal round sheathed in silky satin. It sits upon a golden disk that shimmers only a bit. But in that small crescent, that concentrate of gold, a soul can express, richness, tenderness, a treasure trove of more. Keeping it restrained, contained and full, hinting at what's within. I beckon you to taste of it. Let it drawn you in. Two maybe three dips of vermillion perched upon the top tease. Surprises hidden here. So won't you be a dear. Take a closer look. This one is painted just for you, to soothe ,to reflect. To refresh. It is a lake of pure cool water meant to refresh. To gaze into and see what's looking back.

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