Sunday, November 4, 2007

Choco Pecan Triangle

Perverse? Or Pointed? I am so usually about soft edges and round. I was comparing notes one time with Mark Grote (a fabulous New Orleans sculptor) about marks. Recurring marks,to be exact, that artists make in their work. I had noticed that I was doing round. A lot. He laughed and showed me in the corner of a piece, a mark he cannot seem to escape. "We all do it", he said. We laughed and scratched our heads. If you think of Braque or Picasso, you may see those sharper edges, cubes of fractal space.Think Guernica. Or if you think of Joan Miro, more amorphous things. John Marin had a problem keeping things upright. He liked to slant. Could Basquait be content to be contained. Or Thomas Hart Benton paint Kings and Queens? Who is Kiki Smith without her body parts? Her graphics? We all have them, our own sweet perversions, our preference if you will. It isn't that we can't or won't. We can. We will. But when it comes down to it. When we find our visual voice, it usually resonates more powerfully than anything else we do. So I liked painting a triangle. Found it enormously fun. Tagged all the bases, danced a bit, and then when I was done...doggone if there weren't two circles, two elements of round.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Boy that looks good, I'd like to pick it right off the page and eat it.

I love your commentary about style quirks! LOL

Mary, Imagik

Merisi said...

Nice triangle, and sweet attempt at roundness (I'd volunteer to eat your props! *grin*).

Niki de Saint Phalle would have blown up that triangle into a size that would have fed half a block. :-)

Janice C. Cartier said...

Oh thanks for Niki.Great stuff! I am a huge fan of Joan Miro. What fun she must have!
Oh, these props are sooo delicious and tempting. I would happily share.