Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Choco Pie and Friends

Plug me in to my friends and we will bring you the world. Isn't that how it works? Social marketing. Networking.Linkage. Where I come from this is not news. It only requires a walk. Just a block or two. Down to the nerve center of our hood, down to the center of the universe, down to the hub of our place. Our cafe. We believe strongly in the hi, how are you ? How's it going today? Sure I'll donate to your cause. It's just who we are. Here is the truth of it. Although I never saw Anderson Cooper and not one news camera. We were there checking on each other, exchanging cell numbers, where we would be, have you a safe place to go? It isn't so newsworthy, not too glamorous. Private courage is just that. We stayed. For many reasons. But we have done this before. There is a protocol. Can I help you nail that? Have you got high ground? Where is your momma staying? Here is my key, eat the stuff in the freezer, I'll be just up the road. You never saw photos of my friends as we pulled away the branches, watched the river flow backwards, or took our elders in the car to get them out of the city afterwards( maybe toting a gun,water, some cash). You didn't see our email lists grow, our cell phones become our links. We still tag all those bases. Just saying hi, how you doing? If I hold my phone up, can you hear the birds? I am in Venice today. Or, Oh lordie, I am doing the Zoo, can you donate a painting? I'm doing better. Oh yes I can hear it! And of course just tell me when. Social networking, this is not news. We do it with pleasure because we love our friends. We suck it up. We stand and deliver. We do what the occasion calls for. Altogether we prefer eating our cake and drinking our tea. Having a chat on the sidewalk. Forging those bonds everyday. This community may be scattered, a little damaged. It may be a virtual walk.But it endures and I love it.

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