Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Opera Cherries

Rich. Luxuriant. Glorious cherries in chocolate and cream. A rectangle of more, but just as contained. No less than needed, no more than called for. Mouth clamoring, taste buds ringing, awakened yet sublimely satisfied. Isn't that what we want after all? When we go searching what we are looking to find?...tastes of the good stuff. Less of the bad. We have our hands full most of the time. Give me a tidbit, rich with content. A remarkable bit of yum. I have only a moment these days before I must move on. And if, for a moment I can linger, make it worth my while. I can always use a smile, a lift,some fun or a tool I can use, before I get on with my paint. It is a huge wonderful world. There is lots to explore. So give me some richness along the way, present me a nice little package. I will be back for more. A nibble of chocolate, the freshness of cream, and yes, please, a cherry on top. I've lots and lots to do today, but I can always take a moment to dream. So tickle my senses, give me a pause...just quality if you please.

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