Friday, November 16, 2007

Sweet Cheesecake

Balance. Torque. Actions and steps. Lead to a sweet spot for me. I need them to enhance my chi. "Mind like water." The ability to respond while maintaining a sense of grace. To take all the tricks of the trade out of their box and put them to use, my mind and my body need to shut out all the noise. Go through a ritual, a pace. To get to the place, the place called the zone, where grace and agility flow like the ripples of response when a stone is tossed into my little pond. So this is a centering piece and round as eternity. It is balanced, serene, luscious , but contained. A document of chi. Take a moment to gather yourselves. Take a moment to arrive. Eat of a simple sweet cheesecake. Breathe. Sigh. Sit up straight. Empty your mind. Be present.Now go get your bag of tricks and play.Ahh grasshoppers...good job....have a great day. Really.


lady jicky said...

janice, have not had a cheesecake for a long time but after seeing your painting - Ooooh, I want one! LOL

Janice C. Cartier said...

Then have a taste! Was thinking about you yesterday. Hope all is well with you. JC

lady jicky said...

Janice, I have posted a painting on this site and maybe you will too.
I am No. 50 Pug with cupcake.

You can click on the right side to get intructions to post a drawing or go to their original site and you will see the instructions there.
I have been well and i hope you are too!

tongue in cheek said...

The texture gives taste, your paintings look good enough to eat!