Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chocolate Drizzles

Chocolate drizzles all over fresh whipped cream floating on fresh strawberries. Cue music...Julie Andrews sings a few of my favorite things....On this day of giving thanks, I would like to thank chef for his unending exuberance, and all of those pastry chefs out there who rise at dawn to make our lives just a little bit more delightful. You say it is a little thing? So be it. But I say the ripple effect is quite something to behold. You want smiles? You should have been with us yesterday when we picked up our chocolate bourbon pecan pie. A little UN of goodwill at the Main Street Bakery. I say more, please. If we all were truly engaged in quality of life...well, I see a prettier landscape myself. But that is just me. So for today, I am grateful for chef and you too. Those of you who get it. Thanks for making this experiment work. Thanks for all of your kind words, your fun and your collecting. And I am thanking my brush and the muse of words. Big thanks to Julien Merrow- Smith( who inspires me everyday) and Duane Keiser those painting explorers who showed me a path I could take. Enough. The parades are on. There is cooking to do today. And family dear and near. So gather round some of your favorite things...hear Julie sing, then later ...we'll eat more cake!

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