Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lemon Curd Cake Deux

Cake. Yummy lemon cake. Why cake? What is a respectable, credentialled artist doing painting little bits of cake and dessert for several months now? Why on earth should you collect them? How does this help my career and what is in it for you? Let me just get the fork outta my mouth... Why not cake? There. Brilliant, huh? Yep. Putting that Phi Beta Kappa brain to work. Ahh, but grasshoppers, the point is valid. Not to mention tasty. There is an old story about drawing 10,000 things. The moral of the story is that the act of drawing is more important than the items themselves. After the practice one will know a bit about line. I needed to know more about paint. Oils in particular. The gatekeepers all over the country,love my large scaled watercolors, but people, for some reason like to buy oils more often than watercolor.Same in Santa Fe.Well, while I search for that Leo Castelli of my painting life, I decided to come up to speed in oils. It isn't enough just to be acquainted. My relationship with oils has to be such that the impact of the work reaches the level of my work in watercolor. In an existential fit, I chose cake. It is portable, doesn't take much space and is gone afterwards. Until I have my own space. All good features. And has that added bonus of making a statement. Or many of them. And besides, there's a bit of a revolution going on inside me. So a good little bit of cake can nourish, well until they decide to cut your head off. And besides, what's not to like about cake? So what is in it for you? One day, someone will remark at the painting of cake on your wall," Is that a real Cartier?" And you, being brilliant will say, " Yep."


lady jicky said...

Janice, I am off to art class this morning and I have a picture of a ruhbarb tart to do in pastel.
Shall be thinking of you and your REAL cakes! How you do not eat the lot I do not know but I guess you do get sick of eating the whole thing everyday.
As I am trying to loose weight - a picture torn out of a magazine is alot safer for me! LOL

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

MMMMMmmmm, lemon cake, how tasty! Looks great, I love the little philosophical ramblings, too!


Viagra Online Without Prescription said...

Very good work. There's something strange on its perspective, but I can't quite decipher what it is. Still, I loved it and would give the world to paint like you do.