Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mega Blackberries

All you could want from a blackberry and more. Except a bowl full of them and a little freshly whipped cream. This piece, I still sink into it. Caught myself mesmerized. In all humbleness I say this. When in the zone, time flies, paint is applied, there's a hum between the observer and observed. Looking at it later I meet myself with surprise and grin. Wow. I nailed it. Especially when it makes me hum again. When you hit that sweet spot, when you're in your groove, it just feels alive somehow, palpable, smooth. It is process at its best. That's the spot an artist wants to be in. We are documenting that. But here's a part that may not be apparent. There's lots of preparation, lots of targeting. We set the compass in advance. Before we take the trip. Know where we want to go. But ahh the getting there...requires some innovation, some play if you will. Set it free and bring it back. Nail it, don't you see? So here's a trip I just took. And here's the picture from it.