Friday, November 2, 2007

Cornucopia Lace

Lace. And Fruit. Butter standing up. With chocolate smeared inside and cream. I played with gold this week. Working through ROYGBIV. Remember him? Reds last week. This week orange and yellows. Gold. Ballerina's have their bars, jocks have their two a days. What do IT's have? A stroll through logarithms? I am taking a romp through the color spectrum. And like this cornucopia, it is filled. Not with calories, but with hues for play. Move this way and it is warm, the other way is cool. Lighten, darken. Tweak them here and there. Toss in a compliment. Or make two colors seems like three...Itten has some games to play, some choreography. He tosses in the physics too. This is how we see. Color is a tool. A vocabulary of steps in which we lead the eye. Or ask for an emotion, a visceral response. It is a signal. It is how we lead the eye to tell your brain think this. It works with line and shapes. It can say here is warmth and richness. Comfort, filled with berries ripe for you. Bounty, fullness, grace.

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