Saturday, August 4, 2007

Harlequin Cheesecake 3

Huge glob of dripping chocolate oozing from under the strawberry caught my eye and engaged my brush. And I got to play in the high gloss refection. This makes me want to set up a study in excess. Something shiny silver, glossy chocolate and maybe succulent strawberries. I am on the search. My mouth is watering and my brush can't wait. Connecting with one's work is essential. I'm there. Are you? Did the blue pull you in, or was it the red? Maybe it is that contrast? Maybe the whole of it. There is a red mark in the right corner of Cezanne's huge Bathers in the Barnes collection. That mark has stayed with me for decades. Pulled me in and showed me me how to paint. Don't get me started on Twombley's marks. He has made a world with them. Ahh. Both large scale painters and here I am in love with a little bit of chocolate running down the side of a cake.

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