Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back To The Garden

My friends, old and new, love the "garden parties" that I have been painting. Like any good party, garden or dinner, lively and interesting conversation, a refreshing beverage and some variety help make it memorable. The whole is so much greater than the parts. The flow between, as I have said before, the juiciness of the paint. The thing that enters here, in this internet venue, is the arrival of new friends, former strangers that are suddenly like sunshine to me whenever they arrive. A ready smile, enthusiasm and a common love of all things good comes across in all the words I get from them. And the enthusiasm of their collecting. This little experiment is gaining ground much quicker than I anticipated and in ways I had not fully known would happen. My little original pieces are traveling all over the country and across the ocean to good new homes with fabulous, interesting people. So are art collectors, as a group and as individuals just cooler, keener people? I love boxing these up and sending them off to their new homes. Suddenly there is this extended gallery and lively new friends. We love treats. We love sparkle and color and joy. And like a good party, everyone comes away with something of value that lasts again long after the trays are put away, the leftovers are in the fridge or the brushes are cleaned and put away for the night. First and foremost an artist must paint for him or herself, the tickle of the inner muse. I have always likened it to looking for the heartbeat of a piece. But more, much more fun, is when there is that wonderful call and response between artist and art lover, between artist and art friends, between artist and old friends and artist and new friends.That's when the party gets going in full swing. I thought of you all when I painted this one. Can you see the smile?

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