Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chocolate Lattice

I have nicknamed this one Kabuki Man. It's the shadows. Looks like an emperor all dressed for some ceremony, or to give great face. I am thinking jade and silk are not far away, and saki. Face. Very important. Is the color balanced? The form truthful? Are the strokes expressive? And now do my words have resonance? I started this experiment as a challenge in the studio. I am known for my large scaled watercolors. So here I am working small, and in oils. Almost daily. I had been asked to test e-commerce too as a venue. And I wanted to experiment with the free market system. Do a reality check all way round. A life changing storm will do that to you. You want to know what's left whole after the wind and water have swept so much away.What is true. What can be trusted. So you look to connect with the better parts of yourself. And try to put your best face out there. No matter where you are. The big pieces are still in me. Biding their time. But I am finding that they are all big pieces. Even if they come wrapped in chocolate lattice, with a little fruit on top. Saki, or Sazarac, oil or watercolor, paint is paint. A real part of me.And that is still whole.

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