Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Raspberry Tart, Deux

Today marks the Deuxieme Anniversaire for me. A Sunday two years ago that I thought I could share. But it is way too personal and I am still too close. This series is about reconnecting with my work. Seeking an ease with a medium that I use to use only as an alternative. Finding a way in the studio while I am away from my home. Trying to find that joy and spontaneity that I used to find walking the wetlands, exploring barrier islands. I love exploring. I love Santa Fe. And all of the areas I have visited these past two years have something of interest to note. But today there is a tug, a tug on my heart that will always be there. Wanting to be there, with you, in that sliver by the river. Wanting to walk my bricks beneath the oaks down to the corner for café au lait and a visit with a friend. Chatting at the bookstore, catching up on the news, grabbing Ace's new book, or Doug's or Randy's or Tim's, or John Ed's. But instead, I will have cake here. In a Texas town. And make it alive as if I were walking my island again.

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