Saturday, August 25, 2007

St. Honoré

St. Honoré. Offering an homage is a dangerous thing. To offer up one's humble skills to a saint, well, gulp, may the powers that be be forgiving ones. Knowing how fabulous chocolate nuns are, I was hoping for a treat here too. Wow. To the top of the charts. Right up there with the Crepe Cake ( see earlier post ) And he is a treat to paint. He has this owl, angel, fluffy professorial air. Even a limited palette cannot disguise the joy of discovery here. Discovery of playful form, rich history, and something else. That je ne sais quoi, that other outside the frame again.This little guy represents a time and place that has reached across centuries, a continent and an ocean. He is a concept and a real person. One of the richest churches in Paris was raised to honor him.Thousands of pastry makers rise early every morning to test their skills by baking Galette St. Honoré and little ones like this. So this little meeting in the Main Street Bakery has spawned the curiosity that will lead me to more, to richer, to cultural ritual that feeds the soul. Not bad for a little paint and pastry.

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