Sunday, August 26, 2007

Little Grapes and Fig

Can you tell I would love to be in Provence? Light is important to a painter. Some of us are heliotropes while others seem to thrive in the shade. Living in a semi tropical place affects one's work. Walking down old brick sidewalks through the dapples of light from live oak trees and magnolias past above ground tombs to get a daily cup of tea or coffee, the newest story or just a good book, well that light and rhythm and sense of place seeps into your bones and resides permanently in one's psyche. Walking on a barrier island, chasing wetlands dreams, it is all sun drenched unless there are clouds, or storms. Lazing within the alleé of pines and cypress of Audubon peering out across a lagoon, dapples, deep shade under some oaks, but again southern light. So my shadows and fruit are bits of all those places and the places I long to go. They are here and now as well.Looking at abundance and summer in a Texas town. Provence will come in its own time. Paris and Barcelona too. And of course all those islands. But there will be light and dapples and a little bit of shade. Beverages and breezes and plenty to paint.

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